About Us

At J.I.S. we strongly believe in making our students excellent human beings before they embark on their life’s journey as independent professionals. J.I.S. embodies the culture of providing the holistic education that works on the over all development of our students’ personalities. For us, it is pertinent to ensure their physical well being, mental alertness, spiritual calmness, social awareness, emotional stability, national belongingness and aesthetic appreciation. Nurturing our students with firm faith in value oriented education is our primary concern because we are sure of the fact that a strong foundation leads to a successful life. We lay adequate stress on character building, time management, patriotism, life skills, habit formation and handwriting improvement.Our team comprises of highly talented individuals dedicated to the cause of Quality Education. It believes in setting high but approachable ideals and targets for our young ones and then filling in the go-getters’, fires & spirit to chase their dreams. We are a wall behind our students when they stumble, a hand to pat their back when they bring laurels, the steps to lead when they need guidance, a shoulder to offer when they cry and a heart to love them at all times. Hence, your child is in safe hands at J.I.S.Our success lies in our students’ success!